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In January 2013, MNOHS was accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (AdvancED) and received four commendations.  The accreditation review team noted that even one commendation is rare for a new candidate school, a small school or an online school—and MNOHS is all three!

  1. The school exhibits strong, shared dedication from faculty and staff to the mission and vision.
  2. The school exhibits exceptional commitment to help each student succeed as an individual.
  3. MNOHS has worked to achieve a high level of trust, establishing a safe and caring environment for all.
  4. MNOHS is fully committed to innovate and to provide resources to continuously improve.

Here are some other areas of strength noted in our accreditation report:

"MNOHS has developed an approach to online instruction that is very effective in meeting the particular needs of students who attend the school, based on understanding of these students' diverse needs and life situations. Courses are designed to challenge students, building on who the students and what they bring to their learning (skills and life experiences), and making effective use of the online learning environment and of the available online tools."

"Students and parents spoke highly of the responsiveness of their teachers, counselors, special education staff, administrators and the technology support person any time they had a question. Students said that they felt that their unique life circumstances and learning needs are understood and that teachers are willing to work with them to help them to meet expectations."

"MNOHS is to be commended on.. the strong technology support and training provided to all."

"The autonomy given to teachers in the design of their courses and in their instructional practices is a real strength of the MNOHS approach to education."

"Students, parents and faculty report exemplary responsiveness to questions or comments."

For further information, please contact our Executive Director – 1-800-764-8166 x103.

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