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June 17

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Because MNOHS’ student-teacher ratio is low, we are able to connect one-on-one with each student.
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16 Years

of extraordinary online learning experience

10.5 to 1

student-to-teacher ratio

11 Years

average time our core teachers have taught at MNOHS





  • If it weren’t for MNOHS I would never have discovered my passion for writing and literature. MNOHS helped me improve my self-esteem so much and that has benefited me on many levels not just academically. –Efi
  • Thanks for giving Lindsay so many opportunities to express her opinions about the different issues in health class. This led to many interesting and important discussions in our family. –Lori
  • All the replies to my assignments were very positive. Even when I needed to do more work on the lesson, there was no negativity in my teachers’ suggestions. MNOHS was very refreshing. –Paul
  • Our older daughter graduated from MNOHS. Our younger daughter finished 9 th grade with an online program in Kansas, where we moved. However, we have found MNOHS to be significantly superior. Though it means paying tuition, she will attend MNOHS full time. –Amber
  • MNOHS gives me the opportunity to work full time and finish up my remaining credits. I landed an awesome job during the summer and didn't want to give it up. Now I will be able to pay for my college as I go and not have to deal with debt. –Nikolet
  • Before enrolling in the Student Leadership Course, I did not realize that the MNOHS staff is continuously looking at ways to improve the learning process for their students. I appreciated being able to sit in on meetings with school staff, to gain an understanding of their roles and responsibilities. –Trevor
  • At my other school a lot of class time was wasted. The teachers were forever telling someone to be quiet and reprimanding someone else for their behavior. At MNOHS, I can focus, get down to business, and finish without any interruptions. This is a better environment for me. –Jayna
  • My son’s special education teacher has been miles ahead in terms of listening to our concerns, addressing those concerns in a useful way, and her follow through is incredible. She's found least restrictive ways to provide modifications so he can do the work on his own. She's providing tools for him to excel. –Joanna
  • Your structure is so nice to work in—completely different than other online schools and so much better. –Mary Beth
  • MNOHS is flexible, easy to use, and very welcoming. The faculty and staff are informative when needed, helpful, friendly, very involved, and very understanding—and that is a huge bonus. –Brandon
  • Thank you again for helping me grow as a learner in math and not giving up when I wanted to. –Naomi
  • I thought I would sit quietly at the computer, sending in lessons to faceless teachers. Soon, I wanted to reach out to other students and be part of the community. –Ruth
  • It takes a lot of talent to teach online, especially when you consider all the different personalities and learning styles. On top of being extremely patient and caring, you are also very educated and true professionals in every sense of the word. –Adam
  • My daughter took Geometry A & B this summer to accelerate in math. It was a well-structured, well-run, and well-taught class: kudos to MNOHS! The teacher was wonderful and the organization and follow-up to keep students on-task was exemplary. –Jon
  • Never have I been happier and more impressed with how a school is teaching and supporting me. Not only is what I'm learning more enjoyable and interesting, but my grades have never been better. At my old school, getting straight As would seem like a distant dream almost impossible to accomplish, but with the type of learning and support MNOHS and its teachers give me I might be able to make that dream come true. –Noah
  • You’re a good teacher! You are in continued supportive non-judgmental contact AND you take the time to congratulate your students on success! Your tone provides students a place to enter and find success. –Anne
  • MNOHS has given me a greater confidence in my interactions with other people. I have seen significant changes in myself as a thinker, learner, and writer. –Barbara
  • MNOHS classes have been extraordinarily well organized and rigorous, and the MNOHS faculty and staff are exceptional. --Nancy
  • I wanted to thank all of you for being so amazing to my daughter. She had a meeting yesterday with a teacher and I can’t tell you how positive and happy she was. I think we made such a good choice in this educational option. –Paula
  • Just about a month ago I was just going to finish high school and that was it. But after researching that project on computer engineering, I have realized that I really want to go to college. Thanks for all your encouragement. You saw something in me that I didn't see in myself. –Anna
  • I was very happy by how fast the teachers and the counselors got back to me if I had a problem with something. Even If I wasn't having problems, they would check in to make sure all was going well for me. It really shows they care about my future and it makes me feel like I can succeed in anything I do. –Hannah
  • MNOHS provides the only schedule that allows me to stay in a treatment program and still work on my high school diploma. I'm having success in treatment for the first time and I'm proud of my accomplishments. I am a bright individual who looks forward to graduating from high school and gaining the confidence to go to college. –Kelli
  • I really appreciate the comments left on my assignments. They help me to stay motivated and on track. I also really appreciate that my teachers will help me work ahead so I can take a week or two off when my son arrives so I can adjust to being a mother! –Cassidy
  • My son is really enjoying Study Skills! I am honestly amazed at his enthusiasm for the course. He really feels like it is already helping him become a better reader. I am also so impressed with the way that you support him and respond so quickly to his questions. –Kristin
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